Ultra Glucose Control – Make Life With Diabetes Easier

Diabetes is not fun. It is a disease that affects the daily details of your life, from the time you wake up in the...

Keeping Children Healthy with Chiropractic Care

Childhood is a difficult process, filled with bumps and bruises, falls and twists. As your child grows, he or she may experience growing pains...

4 Stretches to Reduce Lower Back Pain

With the exception of a few breaks for lunch and the restroom, many Americans go into work expecting to sit at a desk for...

Dr. Bailey Shares His Health Scare Story

With the combination of holistic healthcare and medical healthcare, I believe healthcare professionals can do away with just treating the symptoms of disease and...

4 Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. While scanning the web for health facts and ideas, it is easy to get lost in the...
Marathon runners

Chiropractic Care for Runners

Just a few weeks ago, hundreds of runners took to the streets of Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh Marathon and Half-Marathon.  It was an exciting day...
supplements v. whole foods

Who Needs Supplements When You Have Whole Foods?

In magazines and blogs from the health and wellness community, there are many opinions regarding the importance of dietary supplements. There are obvious benefits...

Olympian Picabo Street Credits Chiropractic Care

In the following video, Picabo Street shares how chiropractic allowed her to commit to and chase after her dreams. Picabo Street gets back into...

Read It Before You Eat It, Beware of GMO Vitamins

Vitamin C is a well-known, widely distributed supplement. Consumers know they need it, are prescribed to take it, and do their best to get...

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