I came to Dr. Bailey with low back pain, hip issues from running and headaches. Since I’ve been in his care (just a few short months) my low back and hip issues have gone away. The headaches are subsiding as well. The best thing about Dr. Bailey is that he does not sign you up for a cookie cutter treatment plan – you receive individual personalized care! It’s refreshing to receive this kind of hands on care.

Thank you Dr. Bailey!
~Sarah Mayer


Before becoming a patient of Dr. Ted Bailey’s, I had never been to or wanted to go to a chiropractor out of lack of knowledge and a bit of fear. After having some lower and upper back pain, as well as neck pain while training for a 1/2 marathon, I decided to give it a try.

I brought my 1 1/2 year old son with me, because I had talked briefly with Dr. Bailey about the advantages of child chiropractic care. Dr. Bailey made my son and I feel extremely comfortable and answered my multitude of questions with personalized and helpful answers. He also educated me on some food sensitivity issues my son and I were having and 4 months later, I am pain free and my son and I have less allergy systems, after changing our diet!

I am grateful to Dr. Bailey and his ability to completely change my outlook on the great advantages of chiropractic care & I highly recommend him!


Kim Henderson


My husband and I are thankful to have Dr. Bailey and his staff in our lives. What a tremendous practice.

Not only do we get relief from our pain, but the conversation is healing as well. I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. Dr. Bailey suggested some supplements he carries after I thoroughly questioned him. I’m currently taking ArthroAid Plus and can truly say it is working! I realize it will take time but I truly believe certain supplements help.

Can’t thank Dr. Bailey and his staff enough.

Craig and Deb Hainer


Dr. Bailey is a Miracle Worker… When my back went out I could barely move a muscle, huge pain… Dr. Bailey popped it back into place and literally in 30 seconds I was good… a couple days later no pain at all… would definitely recommend him to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.


  • TK

    About 9 months ago I started to have stronger pain in my neck extending in my left shoulder and arm. At first I tried to ignore it — then I tried to maintain ignorance with the support of OTC pain killers until I eventually (4 or 5 months ago) went to see my doctor. X-ray diagnosis: cervical arthritis due to age (I’m “only” 46) and decades of bad posture (most of it probably looking down on a PC key board). They gave me stronger pain killer and physical therapy. I did that for several weeks but really no change in symptoms. Even sitting in the car for more than an hour was almost impossible. At some point my wife told me about Dr Bailey (she heard about him from a neighbor friend). I hadn’t tried a chiropractor yet so I went there – about 3 months ago. I am glad I did: He explained to me that it would take a few (maybe up to 6) months before I would feel significant relief and why that is. His explanations made sense to me (as an engineer) and not having much to lose I decided to trust his advice. I saw Dr Bailey initially 3 times a week for neck adjustments and I very consistently!!! did my daily neck-stretching exercises at home. After 4 to 6 weeks I started to feel better. No need for Tylenol anymore but still some pain every day especially after a long day at work. And things continued to improve: Today I have no pain in the arm anymore and almost no shoulder or neck pain!!! My neck’s range of motion is far better than (I believe) it has been for the past 5 years…

    My main message is: It will take a few months to improve or resolve what has built up over years. Have some patience and persistence doing your exercises. It is so much worth it!


  • CJA

    My teenage son had been suffering from migraine headaches. He also participates in contact sports. While under the care of a physician for pain management, a friend suggested chiropractic care as well. After thorough research, we decided to visit Dr Bailey. And what positive results!
    Not only are the headaches on the decline, he received valuable information regarding workout techniques and proper exercise to strengthen his upper back and neck.
    Thank you, Dr. Bailey, for the invaluable information and personalized attention to treatment!
    Wexford, PA

  • Ted Bailey

    It is so rewarding to treat young athletes- it is amazing how their minds are like sponges and they really “get” what I teach them about stretching /working out. Sometimes it is tough to get adults to charge their work out habits even though they could be contributing to the patients problems.

  • Tracy Hack

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bailey. As an adult, I have seen a few chiropractors over the years and none of them come close to Dr. Bailey’s professionalism and care. My occupation requires that I sit at a desk all day and I have a long commute and therefore, throughout the years, I have been developing hip and back problems. I reached a breaking point several months ago – my pain was intolerable. Dr. Bailey has been my saving grace. With his treatment, my body is slowly healing and I am starting to feel like my old self again. I HIGHLY recommend this fabulous doctor! His care, his advice, and his staff are the best. THANK YOU DR BAILEY!

  • Connie Pollak

    Three years ago I severely sprained my right ankle. Although I saw several specialists, years later I was still feeling severe pain and had balance issues. Dr. Bailey examined my ankle, as well as my gait and ability to balance. He has been able to make adjustments to my ankle and recommended a regimen of foot care and exercise that in a short amount of time has me walking more confidently and comfortably than I have in years.