Dr. Bailey Shares His Health Scare Story

With the combination of holistic healthcare and medical healthcare, I believe healthcare professionals can do away with just treating the symptoms of disease and actually treat the entire person. In this blog, I will share my personal story of how both medical professionals and my own understanding of chiropractic healthcare brought me back to health.

For most of my adult life, I suffered from chronic sinus headaches. As a way to cope, I utilized over the counter anti-inflammatories and allergy products regularly. I was also getting some relief through regular chiropractic adjustments. I never thought, however, that my sinus troubles would end up leading me to the ER.

Fifteen years ago, I had sinus surgery to help reduce the pain. I was initially encouraged after the surgery, but i was very disappointed 6 months later when the symptoms returned. At this time, I discovered the correlation between my headaches and gluten. This led me to choose a gluten-free lifestyle and while this helped to reduce the symptoms, they were still not
entirely gone.

In the spring of 2013 my headaches started getting worse, and I began feeling pressure in my ears. I decided to visit an ear specialist. In July, I decided to move forward to get tubes placed in my ears. While this helped alleviate the pain in my ears, the headaches still remained. The only option left in my mind was sinus surgery, so I went for an evaluation from a sinus surgeon. He said he wanted to do some blood work before moving forward with the surgery.

The results from the blood work were not what I had been expecting: the blood tests came up positive for a rare autoimmune disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis, and I was told that I needed to have biopsies performed on my sinus tissue immediately.

Following the biopsies, and the confirmation that I did indeed have Wegener’s Granulomatosis, my health declined rapidly. By the time I was seen by a rheumatologist specialist seven days later, I was in pretty rough shape. He suggested I go to the Emergency Room. After six days in the hospital, I was discharged from with a script for a new form of chemotherapy that was to occur throughout November, and I was to stay on a pretty high dose of Prednisone.

The chemotherapy went well and by Christmas, I was feeling much better. During chemotherapy, I was instructed to stay away from all supplements. When I inquired as to why, they told me that I must eat well, but they weren’t able to discuss with me why I was not able to take supplements. All of the supplements I take are derived from the nutrients of plants. In the end, they said I could take them if I liked.

The beginning of 2014 found me exhausted, with aching feet (neuropathy), spinal discomfort, and a lack of motivation. I felt lucky to be in a healthier state, but not sure I was up for the fight to get “back to normal.” I had been through chemotherapy and was still taking a pretty high dose of Prednisone, which was making me unmotivated and hungry for simple carbs. After a few weeks of thought and prayer, I felt the only way I was going to improve was to get back to the roots of why I got into natural healthcare in the first place. So, I started getting adjusted 2-3 times per week, used cold laser therapy, began stretching, and I forced myself to eat better and take supplements on a more rigorous schedule.

Sure enough, I started improving and my dosage of Prednisone was decreased accordingly. By March, I suggested going off prednisone completely. While taking a steroid medication like Prednisone, it is nearly impossible to gain strength and lose weight. My rheumatologist and I had a discussion of holistic and natural healthcare vs. medical and allopathic care. Although I see the importance of medications for certain illnesses and mine in particular, I find it difficult to justify taking a medication for a long period of time that has known detrimental side effects. My Rheumatologist and the Sinus Specialist(ENT) are great doctors and without medical intervention from them I would not be here today, but I find that as a healthcare professional myself, a balance of both natural healthcare and medical healthcare is what makes the difference between saving a life and thriving in life.