Dr. Bailey’s Health Update

A couple of months ago, I shared a recent health scare I experienced. Through my own knowledge of healthcare and the considerations of my medical doctor, my health has slowly returned. Today, I’d like to give you a quick update on how medical healthcare and chiropractic healthcare have been essential in bringing me to a better state of recovery.

Current Health Status

Presently, my weight is stable at 290lbs. In spite of taking 5-10,000 mg of Vitamin D3 per day, my blood work shows that I am still lacking the vitamin. My medical doctor believes that my body is using the vitamin D to fight the Wegener’s disease and the symptoms associated with it.

I have developed an issue in my left shoulder caused by doing “too much” with my exercise routine. One of the side effects of Wegener’s is the lack of normal healing after activity. Usually, after a work out the result is soreness the following day which is a good sign, because it shows the tissues are healing and becoming stronger. Well, with Wegener’s you get sore and inflamed from working out an area, except instead of your muscles healing and growing stronger, the muscles are left feeling weak and in pain.

As you can imagine, I’m a little bit frustrated. It is difficult, especially as a healthcare professional, to see such slow improvement. When you expect one result and that result takes so long to manifest, it can be discouraging.

Adjusting Treatment

I am thankful for my medical doctor and also, for my background in treating patients with chronic and acute pain or illness. To deal with some of the setbacks I am facing, I am changing my supplements protocol to include the following:

1) Increase Vitamin D3 to 30-50,000 mg per day.
2) Begin taking ribose supplement – Ribose is necessary for the cells to produce energy for themselves and therefore to do their function – whatever that may be. So, if a muscle cell is not producing energy in and of itself, it cannot contract or relax properly. If the white blood cell does not have enough energy, it won’t do its job and the immune system won’t work properly, leaving open the possibility of illness or in my case, the immune system will attack itself, also known as an autoimmune disease.
3) Increase CoQ 10 supplement from 100 mg perday to 200mg per day. This is also important in the cells energy production.
4) Started taking L Carnitine, which my muscles need for recovery.

Staying Positive

At this time, I wish there was more good news to share about my health status. I have to admit that it can be discouraging for me to tell you about the issues I am facing rather than the successes of overcoming this disease. But, like many of you know, overcoming certain health issues can be trying, and it is so essential to remain positive, looking at the small improvements as great victories. Chiropractic care looks at the whole body and searches for ways to holistically deal with not just the symptoms, but also the causes as well. I am thankful that although the changes are small, they are still coming. With the changes in my supplement protocol, I am hopeful that my health will continue to improve.