4 Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. While scanning the web for health facts and ideas, it is easy to get lost in the how-to’s of living the best life. And, we all know that going from zero to 100% dedication brings about the risk of giving up and surrendering to all of the unhealthy habits we’ve been trying so hard to avoid. How many people have stuck to a fad diet or intense workout plan for a few months only to give into that piece or two (or three) of cake after a goal is reached? Fad diets don’t work. Intense workout plans may give you the physique you’ve always dreamed of, but often times, people lose sight of how difficult the maintenance of that physique can be. So instead of focusing on a quick fix, let’s focus on what you can do this summer to start getting closer to a healthy lifestyle that is easily maintained.

First things first: start small. Like most things in life, setting small, achievable goals helps to reduce the possibility of burnout. Embracing small steps to a healthier lifestyle can make the transition from poor habits less difficult. Here are some ideas to help you stretch for better health this summer.

1. Get Outside

It’s summer! And summertime makes it much easier to get outside and be active with friends and family. Working out doesn’t have to be a daily gym routine. It can be playing frisbee in the park, scheduling a tennis match every Tuesday morning, or taking a walk in the park with a loved one. One of the great things about summer is the fact that there is always something to do outdoors. Not only will you get to spend time outside with the people who matter most to you, but you’ll also be working out your body and getting some of that much-needed Vitamin D.

2. Keep Nourished

Long days in the sun can be a blast but they won’t last very long if your body isn’t well nourished. The abundance of delicious summer produce makes it a great time to venture to the nearest farmer’s market. Start setting small goals to integrate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and remember to embrace the good, healthy foods. Don’t think about the foods you should avoid. Often times, focusing on what you can’t have has the opposite effect when trying to avoid it. By focusing on the tasty, healthy food you can eat, you’ll find satisfaction in the flavors and a substantial energy level that allows you to enjoy time spent outdoors with family and friends.

3. Mind Matters

Often times, when people try to implement a healthier lifestyle, their focus is less on the mind and more on the physical aspect, such as tighter abs or stronger arms. It is important to not forget the mind plays a very significant role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is easier to make healthy decisions when you’re in a good state of mind as well. By making time for fun, getting enough sleep and finding ways to de-stress, you’ll find that making healthier decisions will be less difficult.

4. Get Regular Health Care

We know, we know. It’s really hard to find time in your busy schedule to make appointments to see the doctor. But think about your health now. By maintaining regular appointments, you are better prepared to prevent illness and have accountability to stay healthy. The benefits of seeing your health care providers now keep you from having to spend even more time and money later if you come down with an illness been prevented or caught earlier on.