Read It Before You Eat It, Beware of GMO Vitamins

Vitamin C is a well-known, widely distributed supplement. Consumers know they need it, are prescribed to take it, and do their best to get their daily dose. By doing a quick Google search, it’s easy to find that vitamin C is rich with benefits. For one, it helps with growth and development. After a fall or while the body is fighting inflammation, vitamin C helps restore and repair tissues. This seemingly magic pill even blocks damage from free radicals and fights the common cold bug. When visiting the doctor for a cold or virus, we’ve all heard the usual advice: “stay hydrated and make sure to be taking extra vitamin C.”

While many of us understand that vitamin C is a necessary component for health, not everyone realizes that those vitamin C supplements commonly seen sitting on the counters of local grocery stores may be derived from genetically modified corn. That’s right, vitamins that are genetically modified. The concept of GMO vegetables and fruits, cheeses and breads is familiar to almost everyone, but these GMOs can also be found lining the shelves of the vitamin aisle.

According to Mike Adams of Natural News, “there is no existing supply chain of certified organic, non-GMO ascorbic acid available anywhere in America.” This means that to get a non-GMO vitamin C, buyers must look for sources outside of the US. This may seem like a daunting task, but I’m here to say that the solution to this problem may be right outside the backdoor or down the street at a local grocery store.

There are many delicious foods that are rich with vitamin C. Some of these foods include raw organic peppers, kiwis, oranges and strawberries. Raw organic oranges, grapefruits and vegetable juices are another great source of vitamin C.


The fear of GMOs does not have to keep you from seeking after the nutrients they need. Each individual fruit, vegetable, legume and grain has its own set of specific vitamins and nutrients. Implementing these foods rich in vitamin C into a balanced diet is the best way to live a healthy lifestyle and provide the body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs.